our story

our story

Our Why

For many years, worldwide experts in the dating and relationship industry, kept trying to connect us.  They recognised that our strengths together would be a formidable force in moving clients forward on a positive journey to find the right love, whether they were single and looking for love or in a relationship that needed a bit of TLC. 

Eventually a few years later, when the time was right for us both we met and our journey together began. Having both been through difficult breakups we are well placed to speak from the heart and draw upon our own personal journeys. 

Being passionate about supporting people comes naturally to us both, despite having very different backgrounds, our common goal is one of creating a nurturing and loving space to help people move on from difficult situations. 

We believe that finding and keeping love is something no one teaches you.  With hindsight and having personally gone through our own difficult break ups and recovery, we would have done some things the same but most things entirely differently - that’s the beauty of hindsight.

So, we have taken our expertise in Matchmaking, Coaching and Psychology to put together retreats that take singles and couples through a comprehensive weekend programme.  By putting their past and present relationship patterns under the microscope to unravel unhealthy dating patterns, allowing everyone to not only recognise where things could have been done differently, but ensuring they never go there again.

Now we’ve combined our energies and love working together to support and enrich the lives of so many people on their journey to a healthy love.


Meet the team



As a resilience and behavioural psychologist, trained in forensic & clinical psychology I love nothing more than transforming people’s lives, especially post break up.

My areas of expertise in the dating arena are helping clients recover from abusive/narcissistic relationships.

My passion is to understand how the human mind works & how to navigate around life’s challenges and grow out of these experiences with confidence.

As a consultant for many of the UK’s top companies & our Armed Forces, it is a real pleasure to be working in this field of relationships and nothing gives me greater personal satisfaction than watching a client recover and then thrive.



As a qualified transformational coach & matchmaker, my passion is all about watching people grow & connecting them with the right love. It starts with enabling my clients to connect with themselves and is one of the most rewarding journeys I can go on with them.

Over the years I have supported people in overcoming past relationship issues & understanding who they are and all they have to offer.

Why I do this work is simple, I love watching clients grow in confidence & embracing the dating journey with a smile of excited anticipation rather than fear & dread.

I would class myself as a navigation expert as I am there to guide, support & encourage my clients every step of their journey.

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Sarah began her fascination with the harmony of the mind, body and spirit well over ten years ago.

After practicing Reiki for many years in Asia, Sarah was introduced to Auricular Acupuncture in regard to treating addictions. Whilst witnessing the incredible success of this treatment, she carried on to finish the Comprehensive Diploma in Auricular Acupuncture together with ElectroAuricular Therapy.

Sarah is now qualified member of the Society of Auricular Acupuncture and the Complementary Therapists Association. This then led to an interest in Ayurveda therapies. The purpose of Ayurveda is to connect the body, mind and spirit. Once this balance has been reached, it encourages wellness and prevents illness.



Everyone always complements us on the food at our retreats and Nadia is the one to thank. Her innovative menu choices and presentation skills always go down a storm.

Nadia had her own Tea Shop so when it comes to the odd cake that is conjured up during the retreat everyone takes a moment to stay still and really relish that special naughty time. The rest of the food is always , balanced, tasty and just enough to leave everyone satisfied.

Nadia twice got through to the final qualifying round of the Great British Bake Off and we feel blessed to enjoy her culinary skills as well as her lovely nurturing and caring side. All her food is cooked, baked and presented with an abundance of love.

and not forgetting...

Patch, Woody and Ralph, our fur babies

We love our animals so much and they are a big part of our lives.  Patch the old boy, Cavalier King Charles has been a loyal and loving friend to everyone and conveniently forgets he’s eaten, asking everyone he meets for food.  As you can see he’s food deprived…  He’s Genevieve’s Daughter's dog and has grown up as a pup with the children bringing years of fun and laughter, from stealing food from the table to just being his adorable self.

Woody, in the middle, was a rescue and bless him, he’s been a real work in progress for the last three years having been found in a very bad state and clearly used as bait for dog fights. He’s needed a lot of love and care and is now the most loving and loyal member of the pack.  He loves his best friend Ralph until it's food time, then their manners and friendship go out of the window!

Ralph, the youngest and most playful in our combined pack is attention seeking but extremely loving. He goes everywhere with Angela and really is the baby in every way… and he knows it! He is full of life and loves his adventures, including train journeys and especially going in a taxi across London.  Ralph even goes out for dinner at Angela’s favourite restaurant - he gets a seat at the table and his own menu.


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