Divorce & Breakup

Divorce and Break Up Retreat

Deciding to leave an unhealthy relationship can be painful, confusing and heartbreaking. You may be left feeling vulnerable, angry, fragile or numb.

And with every painful relationship break up comes the waves of emotions, unanswered questions and uncertainty about what the future holds. Everything in your world will have shattered and changed.

It means picking up each of the pieces of your shattered world and rebuilding your life to make something, different, better and stronger.

Knowing how to leave and recover from an unhealthy relationship is everything. It determines how happy you will allow yourself to be.

We take you through the different phases of a break up so that you understand how to move forward in a healthy, positive and productive way.

You will understand more about your psychology so that you know what to change or leave behind.

Most importantly, we want you to learn from your mistakes so that you recover more quickly.

We wholeheartedly believe you are much stronger than you think you are.

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